Different types of social polls

Polls are of different types, but the difference in the polls are stepped upon the intention of the poll. You can buy twitter polls and use it in your profile for further interaction with your followers. You will closely mark the difference that is created due to that. The different results of your poll will depend on the different intension of the poll. Here are some of the different type of polls.

Just for fun

The first among the prominent use of polls is just for fun. You will find them more often in some of the social networks, where group or community concept is prevalent. The basic intention of this type of poll is simple to communicate. The communication done is without any motive, but there is a single indication of making fun. Topic of the poll remains simple and direct here.


Knowledge Sharing

The second type of prominent poll is related to knowledge base. Sometimes the knowledge area is so convergent that it is placed in the groups only. This type of polls is not intended for number of polls, but for more interactions and knowledge sharing. Here discussions in the forum remains the priority and hence remains limited to few number of users only.

Purpose oriented polls

The third type of poll is for business decision or political reason. They can be related to some other decisions, like release date of a movie, novel extracts and many more. The major part of this social poll is related to serious and target oriented results. The result of this poll really counts in the decision making of the poll maker. So, this is not a general poll, at all, but a professional one. You can buy twitter polls and use this type of polls for your site.

The last type of poll has got a specific use in it. The use is in the form of interaction not with the followers, but with the fans. So, the end result of this poll is to be directly reflected in the form of a decision. It is directly related to the popularity of the person, who is making the poll.

If all the polls are collectively taken together, it can be well understood that the first type of poll is not at all related to business and at that point there is no question to buy twitter polls, but in the next two cases, the pol, is directly or indirectly related to business and popularity. So, the twitter poll can serve there better.