Studio Apartments Vs. One Bedroomers

If you are a college student or you are thinking about moving out for the first time, you can be of one of two mindsets. You can either live with people for the rest of your life, moving from college roommates to housemates to moving in with your partner, or you can live on your own for a while. Some of the people out there are loners at heart, and would rather be on their own than with roomies who might be messy, annoying and hard to live with or study around. If you are a loner, living on your own might be the best option for you. However, this is going to bring about a debate that has troubled people like you for years. This is the choice of apartment. There are two types out there, studio apartments and those with only one bedroom in them. Each has its own pros and its own set of cons.


Price Is Of the Essence

Price is one of the most obvious and important things to think about when looking at a one bedroom apartment for rent or a studio. Studios are typically a lot less expensive than their counterparts with a single bedroom. Even if they are in the same neighborhood or area, they are going to cost less. Of course, the difference in the price depends on where you live too. Sometimes it might be as little as $50 of a difference, which isn’t much of a trade for all the additional features of a one bedroom apartment. Thinking about the price is a very subjective task though. some people are more than willing to trade up creature comforts so that they can actually fit their rent into their budget, while others are going to be more concerned with being comfortable in the place they live.

Size and Floor Plan Matter

One of the other more obvious factors that you need to think about is the size of the place and the floor plan. A one bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai typically has a lot more space in than a studio, where everything is in one single living area, because the bedroom, living room, kitchen and more are placed in one space. This can be annoying for people who want separation for their different tasks.

Sometimes the apartment might be a hybrid between the two, depending on the location. Make sure you consider all your options before making a final decision. You may have to live in this type of situation for a long time, after all.