Problems Related To Crooked Teeth And Misaligned Bite

If you have a jaw that is misaligned or a bad bite, it certainly affects your body in the long run. When there is an imbalance in the jaw joints, it leaves you feeling dizzy with a series of other problems. You can suffer from nausea, headaches, low strength, fatigue, soreness and weaker muscles and more. Therefore, it is important to find the best position for the jaw to ensure that the entire body functions as it should. Well, this is possible only when the bite is aligned properly.

Effects of jaw misalignment

When the joints of the jaw are not balanced, it’s largely impacts your bite, spine, nerves, muscles and airways. The good bite takes place only when the muscles of neck, face and jaw are allowed to be in their efficient restful condition. When this happens, you can see a drastic change in terms of improvement in the muscle activity, posture, strength, balance and flexibility. Also, it helps in improving your stamina. Hence, the orthodontist has a significant role in jaw alignment.


Crooked teeth

There are many causes due to which people suffer from teeth problems such as twisted, overlapping or crooked teeth. The size of the mouth of a specific person may be smaller for their teeth and this often make the teeth crowded and makes them to shift. In some cases, the lower and upper jaw may not be of the same size that results in overbite. These problems can be fixed when you consult a good dentist. Problems such as crooked teeth are mostly inherited features similar to that of the eye color, size of your arms, hands and so on. Misaligned bites can be due to loss of tooth at an early stage, gum diseases, improper fitting of dental restorations, jaw misalignment and more.

There are a series of problems faced when you have misaligned bites or crooked teeth. When you face these problems, it often interferes with your chewing and leads to improper chewing, overbites or under bites. Also, the muscles, jaws and teeth get strained and leads to the loss of a tooth. Your self-esteem goes low and you tend to feel conscious and embarrassed about your appearance. Keeping your teeth clean becomes difficult as it increases the chance of cavities, gingivitis and tooth decay.

How to detect if you have a crooked teeth or misaligned bite?

If the alignment of your teeth is not normal, then you know that your teeth are crooked. This also changes the appearance of your face, which may look abnormal. You may have discomfort or difficulty when biting or chewing food. Difficulty in speeches is also one of the problems faced due to misaligned bites. Hence it is important to see a dental professional to get this problem treated.