Tips To Follow When Learning A New Language

Learning a new language can be a bit of a challenging task to anyone especially if it isn’t a language that is frequently used by those around you. Knowing multiple languages will definitely benefit you if you are a frequent traveler or a person working abroad or even an employee in a call center. Knowing an extra language will never be in vein and especially internationally used languages like Spanish and French will benefit you in many things. Knowing a foreign language will give you access to literature, art, cinema and the entire culture of that nation and will enrich you as an individual. So here are a few tips that you could follow to master a foreign language.

Have a good reason

First thing when learning a language, is to know why you’re doing it. Whether it is to impress your peers or to get to know a person of that nationality and converse with his/her native tongue, whatever it is, have a purpose for it. That way you will stay motivated to learn it at any cost and will not give up half way through.


Find a trainer

The next step is to find a way to learn the language. Having a friend who could teach you will be a great option. If you want to learn Chinese or learn Mandarin, it is better to have a Chinese instructor. This is applicable to any language as having an instructor who uses the language as mother tongue will pronounce the words absolutely right and will help you with the informalities and use of tone as well.


This is one important thing that you must do. Try as much as possible to listen to the language and get used to the voice variations and use of tone. Especially when it comes to oriental languages for example to learn Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and Korean or to learn Mandarin, one problem most Westerners face is the differences in the use of tone, voice variation and pronunciation. Therefore listening to conversations is important. Watching movies with subtitles will definitely help you improve in no time.

Don’t be shy

Try as much as possible to get out of your comfort zones and talk with people. Try ordering food at a foreign restaurant in that language or greet people using the language and try as much as possible to converse and use the language. It is natural to make mistakes but you shouldn’t think of them as embarrassing situations for you could learn so much with your mistakes. Think and act like a child while learning the language as children are the best learners of new languages.